Hepatitis C Virus

The most frequent request from people I heard about my Virus artworks were - Eh, wish I could see all this in VR... If you have a chance to watch current vid using any VR gear such as Google cardboard or Samsung gear, with headphones on - please do so! The impression will be much better then just viewing in browser.

Best experience will be achieved when using any VR gear such as Google –°ardboard, Samsung Gear VR, etc.
The video was intended to capture attention, imply the hidden dangers of an undiagnosed HCV infection, and generate awareness of the bloodborne pathogen. Virus morphological forms were interpreted to express the hidden dangers of HCV, yet still portray a visceral realism.
As the acute infection may be asymptomatic and no vaccine for the virus exists, the WHO recommends serological screening for at-risk populations. Each year 6-10 million people are newly infected worldwide, and only 1 in 20 people know they have hepatitis.


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